October 2004

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Hard Work

I was disappointed to read this weeks editorial about the President. I doubt that most Americans were bothered by the repeated use of the word "hard work". In your editorial you state "being President is hard work' which he said a mind blowing 10 times". I find it "mind blowing" that, that bothers you so much. The phrase "hard work" was used several times but not all in the same context.

You go on to describe what "hard work" it is to deal with the loss of loved ones in the war. I agree, but you left something very important out. That is how really hard it is for those who have lost loved ones to hear the chorus's from the left of "Wrong War Wrong Place Wrong Time" over and over again. To be told that their loved ones died for a mistake. That we are all in a big quagmire in Iraq that we can't win.

Of course I can expect nothing less from John Kerry, this is not all that different from what he did 30 years ago. John Kerry turned his back on his fellow soldiers upon his return from Viet Nam. How does one bring themselves to vote for a man that traveled to Paris to meet with Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army officials? This was while still serving as a member of the Naval Reserve and while we were still at war with them. He returned advocating the demands of the enemy. No thanks Mr. Kerry, but I think we can leave that to those who actually represent the interests of the United States. You go on to say that we are misled by our current Commander in Chief on Iraq. Well, to me John Kerry's testimony before congress upon his return, accusing our soldiers of widespread war crimes and atrocities was more than misleading. It was treasonous, and not a quality I want to see in our future Commander in Chief.

John Kerry and his fellow liberal flavored koolaid drinkers have embarked on a course of equating the war in Iraq to a quagmire that can't be won (except by his still unclear war plan). They hope that by doing so it it will win them the election. The effect of this deceitfulness is to demoralize our troops and their families. When we say we support our troops, we should really support them, and that includes their Commander in Chief. Whether you agree with why we are there or not, the fact is we ARE there. So lets fight to win and not resign ourselves to defeatism. We are at war and our soldiers need our support, not our ridicule. This November I plan to vote for a Commander in Chief who has a vision of victory, even if it requires more "hard work".

Timothy Dike
Plattsburg, MO. 

This is a copy of a letter sent to the Plattsburg Leader in response to an editorial that appeared in an October issue.

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Timothy Dike