April 2005

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By Michael J. Larkin

I never imagined I would see the day in the USA that a living, breathing human being would be systematically put to death by starvation. However, in Florida a woman named Teresa Schaivo is dying as I write this column.   Meanwhile, a mother in Kansas City is in prison for starving her two sons, and a rancher in Kansas is in prison for starving his horses. Why is the looney, left fringe so adamant that Teri must die? I thought they cared about the homeless and helpless.

The reason the "liberal" left is so frantic vis a vis the Schaivo case is because our out of control judiciary is their last hope for hedonism, socialism, and nihilism.  Non-elected federal judges have been striking down state laws since Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954, and more egregiously, Roe v. Wade in 1973. Recently the Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment for heinous crimes committed by juveniles could not warrant the death penalty, nullifying state law in twenty eight states. Catering to the vociferous homosexual lobby, they recently made sodomy legal in all fifty states. Now in the Schaivo case, a state judge ignores our elected representatives and our President and declare themselves to be the sole arbiter of life and death for the handicapped. Appointed to interpret the law, they now make law based soley on their own personal beliefs. The "checks and balances" have disappeared from our  government. We are no longer a government by the people. Our judiciary is omnipotent and un-challengeable. Our lives are ruled by judicial fiat from "men in black". (A good book, by the way.) Not even Christ's vicar on earth in Rome can disuade these merchants of death from their crimes against humanity!

It is ironic that today we see the "cold, uncaring conservatives" fighting to save Teri's life, and the "touchy, feely left" demanding her execution based on the testimony of a philandering husband who stands to inherit her insurance money. She was awarded $700,000 in a medical malpractice suit. Although he has been living with another woman for ten years and fathered two illegitimate children, the court still sees fit to believe his testimony and ignore the pleas of her parents,  the only people who truly love her prevented from even wetting her lips as she writhes in agony.  So much for justice in today's USA! If she were a terrorist, a serial rapist or convicted murderer, the left would be holding candlelight vigils and singing, "Kumbaya". Instead, they cater to their last hope for a socialist America, and demand the death of an innocent woman.

Nikolai Lenin eloquently explained in 1937 why eight million Ukrainian farmers  were starved to death to establish Communism in Russia. He stoically responded, "It was necessary." Apparently, his philosophy is alive and well in the American "liberal" left.

One can only pray that God will hold accountable and punish those who condone the killing of innocent women and babies. What part of "Thou shalt not kill" do they not understand? Oh, I forgot: the secular left does not believe there is a God. 


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Timothy Dike