April 2008

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Bill Clinton nails it

Bill Clinton nails it.. I'll bet you wouldn't think you would ever hear me, a Republican say that. I have rarely uttered anything nice about the former President. But Bill Clinton said something that I agree with in a speech last week. He said;

"If your next-door neighbor's house burned, and your neighbor had nowhere to go, you'd take your neighbor in. We all would ... But if your neighbor is still on your couch after five years, what do you know? It's not about the fire anymore, it's about your neighbor not getting off the couch."

Now Bill doesn't even know that he hit the nail on the head. He thinks he was describing the Iraq government, but his words better describe the way many of us feel about the abuse of the Welfare system. It's too bad that most Democrats don't see it like that. They accuse Republicans of being uncaring and heartless. Most of us don't have a problem with the safety nets that are provided to help someone that needs a helping hand. It's when that safety net get turned into a hammock and becomes a permanent handout that we get upset. Just think, if we could get the lazy neighbors off the couch, we would always have plenty of room for those who really did need a helping hand. Isn't that what a safety net is all about? 

Timothy Dike
Plattsburg, MO. 

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Timothy Dike